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Invest in Your Future Your Way.

Whatever wealth you’ve accumulated likely reflects what you’ve done for others in life. Isn’t it time that wealth reflects what’s important to you?

 ​Explore the Possibilities

Plan. Monitor. Grow. 

Personal Portfolios

Values-based investment strategies integrated with thoughtful tax planning

Independent Guidance

Recommendations based on your goals and values, not ours

Comprehensive Approach

A holistic approach to wealth creation

A Trusted Partner for You

We help individuals and businesses to create customized wealth creation plans so they can reap tax benefits, spend less time coordinating their financial life, and focus on their family or business.

Let’s start talking. You can reach us at 844.967.8292 or getstarted@formywealthmanagement.com.

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Your Money. Your Unique Journey.

Bring us your vision of the future; we’ll aim to provide the financial experience, objectivity, and intuition to achieve it.

Working With Wealth Management Resources

In our opinion, creating wealth requires client knowledge, tax planning insight, financial acumen, investment expertise, and disciplined execution. Wealth Management Resources is the partner who can deliver on all fronts.

To ensure continuity, the advisor you start with will always be your primary contact.

Angel Way Photo Angel Way Hover Photo

Angel Way

Senior Financial Advisor & Team Lead
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As a licensed investment advisor, Angel Way leads Wealth Management Resources’ team of financial advisors. Taking a holistic approach to wealth creation, she focuses on value-based investing integrated with strategic tax planning. She believes every client deserves a personal portfolio that reflects their own goals and values. 

In 2015, Angel co-founded Wealth Management Resources with George Elias. She is also the founder and co-owner of Federal Employee Tax Planners. 

Angel is a registered member of the National Ethics Association. She has a Series 65 investment advisor license and holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration from California Coast University. Angel is also a Chartered Federal Employee Benefit ConsultantSM.

To guide people in planning for retirement, Angel hosts workshops and online seminars that cover retirement planning, federal benefits, Social Security, required minimum distributions, and the Integrated Trust System. 

Note: A ChFEBC℠ (Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant) is a prestigious designation for financial advisors, CPAs, attorneys, and certain employees of the federal government, who have successfully completed an intensive training course and passed a rigorous examination covering all federal employee benefits. The training consists of a 16 module assignment curriculum.

George Elias Photo George Elias Hover Photo

George Elias

Senior Financial Advisor & Team Lead
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CPA and Senior Financial Advisor George Elias is co-founder of Wealth Management Resources. Drawing upon an in-depth knowledge about the tax efficiency of investments, George leads a team of advisors to help clients build their strategic income portfolios. His focus on tax assessment and planning is a critical differentiator for Wealth Management Resources. 

A passionate proponent of “what you make and what you keep is what matters,” George helps clients understand that sound financial planning requires more than knowledge about how money and investments work. It requires insight into the tax implications of every decision.  

In addition to his accounting and tax planning expertise, George is both Series 66 and insurance licensed. He has served as the senior CPA for Paragon Tax Advisory Services and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. 

Note: A CPA is a Certified Public Accountant. All CPA candidates must pass the Uniform CPA Examination to qualify for a CPA certificate and license to practice public accounting. While the exam is the same regardless of where it's taken, every state or jurisdiction has its own set of education and experience requirements that individuals must meet. However, most states require at least a bachelor’s degree and a concentration in accounting, and at least 1 year of public accounting experience under the supervision of or verification by a CPA. Once the designation is attained, the CPA is required to meet continuing education requirements.

Bill DeMarco Photo Bill DeMarco Hover Photo

Bill DeMarco

Financial Advisor
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Financial Planning Advisor Bill DeMarco specializes in retirement plans for individuals and small- to mid-sized businesses. With more than two decades of business and financial management experience, Bill focuses primarily on investment strategies and 401(k) plans. He's a strong proponent of incorporating tax planning into retirement planning strategies. 

Bill believes every individual should take control of their financial future. With a goal to ensure people are more fully prepared to enjoy their later years, Bill helps clients enhance their understanding of personal and business financial issues. He also leverages his leadership experience in the community as an active member of Rotary International. Bill has been a member for several years and served as past president of his local Rotary Club. 

Holding a Series 66 investment advisor license to sell securities in Ohio, Bill's studying to expand his license for applicability in additional states. He's also licensed to sell insurance in any state. Bill's a graduate of Case Western Reserve University. 

Sharon Hawthorn Photo Sharon Hawthorn Hover Photo

Sharon Hawthorn

Client Services Manager
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Committed to delivering excellence, Sharon leverages her nearly 20 years of experience in the financial and professional services industry to serve our clients and advisors. Sharon's attention to detail allows our clients and advisors to receive exceptional service.

Who We Are

Wealth Management Resources specializes in custom-fit wealth creation. We help individuals and businesses to create highly customized, values-based investment strategies that reflect your personal goals and interests. Plus, these strategies help them reap tax benefits.

Our unique approach to wealth creation integrates personalized investment strategies with tax planning strategies to maximize wealth creation in every portfolio.

We bring the most innovative industry leaders, platforms, and resources together to create a leading investment management offering for our clients. To that end, we've partnered with the Charles Schwab Corporation (Schwab), one of the premier industry custodians, as well as ORG Partners Advisor Group, aim to deliver the quality expertise, innovation, and investment customization needed to help you achieve your financial objectives. 

At Wealth Management Resources, we provide our advisory services under the auspices of WealthShield Partners, LLC, which is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. See our disclosure for more info.

How We Can Help You

At a time when technology has given rise to cookie-cutter investment options and do-it-yourself investing, Wealth Management Resources offers you a more personal, customized approach to investing. With a strong focus on the tax implications of every investing decision, our services include investment analysis, investment management, 401(k) management, and self-direct account management.

Established in 2015, the firm is headquartered in Brunswick, Ohio. A pioneer in virtual investing, we're based on a virtual model of independent financial advisors that allows Wealth Management Resources to serve our clients in every market across the U.S.

Benefits of Working With Us

Our goal is for you to need us less and less.

Through ongoing guidance and education, you’ll gain the confidence you need to make some of these decisions on your own. Of course, we’ll be here to guide you every step of the way, but throughout our partnership, we want to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to manage your finances on your own as much as possible so you feel empowered to take control of your financial future.

We strive to exceed your expectations every day.

While we focus our efforts on helping you achieve your objectives, our ultimate goal is for you to surpass them. After all, you’re investing time, money, and energy into working with us, and we want to make sure you’re getting maximum value out of our relationship. Throughout our time together, we’ll be constantly looking for new ways to get you closer to where you want to be.

See what we can do for you

Wealth Creation You Can Trust

Customized wealth creation planning for your personal finances, your business finances, or both.

How We Create Wealth

Wealth Management Resources can guide you in outlining a comprehensive and customized plan for wealth creation. We do it through a 4-step process that integrates your personal values and goals into an investment strategy custom-fit to you.

Our 4-Step Portfolio Personalization Process

Customization doesn’t mean complicated. The service we provide is based on a 4-step portfolio personalization process:

  • Discover. We get to know one another before any ideas are discussed or recommendations offered. At this critical stage, expectations are shared to ensure what we do meshes with what you want and vice versa.
  • Assess. We review your current portfolio to identify what’s working and where there are opportunities to strengthen your position.
  • Customize. Working together, we identify specific investments that align with your values and interests.
  • Execute. We implement your custom wealth creation strategy, identifying key milestones that will allow us to pivot or reset objectives as needed.

4 Ways We Help You Create Wealth

  • Investment Analysis
  • Investment Management
  • 401(k) Management
  • Self-Directed Account Management



You’re considering changes to your investment portfolio without knowing how today’s decisions will impact future tax liabilities.

Investment Analysis
Work with our advisors who take a 360º look at every investment decision to ensure the best solutions will fit your needs now and in the future.  

You like the convenience of online investing, but sometimes you wish you had greater control over your portfolio.

Investment Management
You set the parameters and you define the rules of engagement. Wealth Management Resources will tailor solutions to match your wish list.

As your business grows, employees expect more robust benefit options.

401(k) Management
Work with an experienced financial advisor to build a solid 401(k) investment portfolio.
The greater your success, the less time there seems to be to enjoy it.Self-Directed Account Management
Delegate account management to an investment advisor to free up your time and focus on other priorities.

With today’s technology, investors can quickly change asset allocations from one investment fund to another. Even switching an entire portfolio from one firm to another can be done with a few keystrokes. But how wise is it to do so?

Uncovering Value through Investment Analysis

A move to a new investment fund involves a transaction in which you sell your current holdings before investing in the new fund. That action can have consequences:

  • Do you know the original cost basis of each investment in the fund?
  • Will a sale trigger a tax penalty?
  • Are there any timing issues to consider?
  • What are the tax advantages to holding any specific components of the fund?

Wealth Management Resources applies extensive knowledge of tax issues to help you:

  • Conduct due diligence to ensure today’s transactions don't carry hidden taxation pitfalls
  • Understand how much tax loss can be captured in any given year
  • Manage that loss
  • Verify that proposed changes don’t significantly impact the alignment of investment goals and values

Life is unpredictable. Needs change, as do wants. What worked in the past may not make sense for the future. That is why we believe your investment portfolio should be periodically analyzed for both performance and relevancy before making any major changes.

How can we help you?

Let’s connect. You can reach us at 844.967.8292 or getstarted@formywealthmanagement.com.

With digital access to tons of information and technology tools to carry out transactions, DIY investment management looks easy. But if everyone can manage their own investments, you may wonder why choose us.

Why choose Wealth Management Resources 

  • Customization. Unlike cookie-cutter options available on the web, the personalized investment solutions we create are tailored to match what you want.
  • Flexibility. Beyond funds featuring special themes (like the environment, social justice, or corporate governance), we give you the ability to drill down into specific fund components to personalize your portfolio.
  • Expertise. Our investment advisors are real people, not chatbots. They strive to bring a greater depth of knowledge, insight, and empathy to every client engagement.
  • Versatility. We offer solutions for both individuals and businesses.
  • Agility. We can make adjustments at any time.
  • Stewardship. We don’t ‘set and forget’ your portfolio. Every aspect of it is tracked. We stay on top of things, and we keep you informed.

How can we help you?

Let’s connect. You can reach us at 844.967.8292 or getstarted@formywealthmanagement.com.

As a full-service advisor, Wealth Management Resources offers guidance on 401(k) investments for:

  • Individuals who use this savings option for retirement planning
  • Business entities that sponsor plans for their employees

Managing Individual 401(k) Accounts

With so many digital options available, why would you rely on a financial advisor to manage your 401(k)? Potentially better returns. According to a study by Edelman Financial Engines, “assets managed by professionals saw an average of 3.32% more in returns” than self-managed accounts.

How savings are invested is important, but we go beyond that single parameter to track multiple factors, like:

  • Fund performance
  • Time horizons
  • Tax implications
  • Budgeting

This extra vigilance ensures your 401(k) investment works in lockstep with your other investments to support wealth creation.

Managing Business 401(k) Benefit Plans

Millions of Americans look to their employers to support their retirement planning goals with 401(k) account options. This employee benefit can be a solid incentive in your talent recruiting arsenal. 

As an experienced financial advisor, Wealth Management Resources can guide you in managing the health and vitality of your 401(k) benefit plan.

Earning a Solid Return on Your Investment

While investment returns may be uncertain, you can count on the value of our advisory services. Our competitive fee structure makes it easy to turn your 401(k) management over to our investment advisors.

How can we help you?

Let’s connect. You can reach us at 844.967.8292 or getstarted@formywealthmanagement.com.

Let us help you reach your long-term goals

Wealth Creation Resources


Tap into a wealth of knowledge to help you achieve your financial goals.

The art and science of investing is not a static exercise. It requires a fluid, agile level of expertise from advisors who continually explore new ideas.

Look to Wealth Creation News to track the insights we discover, learn about the latest investment possibilities, get tips on how to increase your portfolio ROI, and much more.

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How can we help you?

Let’s connect. You can reach us at 844.967.8292 or getstarted@formywealthmanagement.com.


How does Wealth Management Resources stand out from other financial advisors?


Wealth Management Resources specializes in custom-fit wealth creation.

We work with individuals and businesses to create highly customized, values-based investment strategies that reflect a client’s personal goals and interests. Our unique approach to wealth creation integrates personalized investment strategies with tax planning strategies to maximize wealth creation in every portfolio.

At Wealth Management Resources, we provide our advisory services under the auspices of WealthShield Partners, LLC, which is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. See our disclosure for more info.


What's unique about a Wealth Management portfolio?


When you work with Wealth Management Resources, your wealth creation portfolio is customized to your specific needs and aspirations. 

Depending upon your individual goals, stage of life, time horizon, tolerance for risk, and other selected factors, your portfolio will be unique to you. No investments are pre-selected, nor given preferential treatment. 

As we tend to choose high-quality, low-volatility investments, it’s possible multiple clients will be invested in similar ways but highly unlikely for another client’s portfolio to match your own. There are no cookie-cutter solutions to our wealth creation strategies.


Will I be working with an individual advisor or a team of advisors?


When you partner with Wealth Management Resources, you’ll always have a single, dedicated advisor. That individual advisor will be knowledgeable about your requirements and familiar with your expectations. At the same time, you’ll have access to other team members to make sure you get answers to questions and responsive account support.


Is every financial advisor a fiduciary?


From a technical standpoint, only professionals licensed under a registered investment advisor or RIA—which in our case is WealthShield Partners—are held to a fiduciary standard.

Fiduciaries operate in situations that require great trust, integrity, and loyalty. They’re expected to pursue the best outcome for their client, regardless of personal interests.

Many people provide financial planning or advisory services. Some work for you; others work on behalf of institutions that sell investments, like insurance, stocks, and bonds. Broker-dealers, for example, only need to meet the less-stringent suitability standard, which doesn’t require putting a client's interests ahead of their own.


What's the difference between a financial advisor and a financial planner?


These two terms are often used interchangeably. Anyone can say they’re a financial planner or advisor, but not everyone has the same knowledge, training, or credentials. Some people are authorized to trade securities; others are only licensed to sell insurance. The differences between the planner and advisor designations can be confusing. That’s why it’s essential to check the qualifications of any financial professional before you commit to a course of action or pay any type of fee.

Two well-established regulatory and compliance sources you can rely on when checking credentials include:

  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for registered investment advisors who are held to the fiduciary standard through their licensing
  • BrokerCheck to research the background and experience of financial brokers, advisers, and firms by using a tool hosted by FINRA

Always ask whether your advisor is licensed under the fiduciary standard or through a broker-dealer.


What's "fee-only" vs. "fee-based" financial planning?


Fee-only financial planning means the advisor is compensated solely by the client. Other “fee-based” financial advisors may receive a commission if they recommend a specific investment, mutual fund, or insurance product.


Does Wealth Management Resources charge a set fee?


Our fees are set on a sliding scale, based on the services we provide. We use a combination of strategic and tactical as well as active and passive investing, which can result in different fees. Base fees are agreed upon at the start of our relationship, and no changes in fee structure are processed without client knowledge and agreement. Your fee is based on the amount of activity your portfolio requires for optimization .


How often do you communicate with clients?


Once you’ve decided to partner with Wealth Management Resources, we work together to develop a customized plan and projected timeline for wealth creation. We also establish a communications protocol that fits with your needs and preferences. For example:

  • Your eMoney file will provide anytime access to comprehensive plan documentation and account notes.
  • You can request a tax review and/or tax planning session at any time in the calendar year.
  • You can expect to hear from us on a quarterly basis to assess the status of your account.
  • We’ll schedule a more in-depth annual review session to ensure your portfolio continues to reflect your goals and is aligned with your current situation.
  • You can always reach out to your advisor or any member of our team at your convenience.

How do I get started?


Go to our contact page to get started, and we’ll schedule an initial discovery call to discuss your financial needs and how we can assist you. We look forward to exploring the possibilities .

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